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Ryan Hughes Design Build
Skip Phillips - Questar Pools and Spas Inc

Skip Phillips - Questar Pools and Spas Inc

Internationally influential pool designer, Genesis 3 Design Group co founder, Society of Watershape Designers, SWD

Brian Van Bower - Aquatic Consultants Inc

Brian Van Bower - Aquatic Consultants Inc.

Award winning International Pool Designer, efficiently designed and well thought out design consulting to enhance and improve water projects of all types.

Mike Nantz Elite Concepts Inc

mike Nantz, elite concepts inc

Michael Nantz is one of the fortunate, inspired by clients in over 70 cities, 10 states and 4 countries while spanning a 25 year tenure. That tenure was spent perfecting a design acumen in an industry that can lack in such credential. 

Genesis 3

Genesis 3 Pool Design Education

Genesis 3 provides an international forum for continuing education and the establishment of higher standards in watershape, swimming pool, and water feature design and construction.

Ryan Hughes Design Build

I've always believed that human experience is the most important factor driving design.


Mark Mullen Artistic Illumination Landscape Lighting

A licensed electrical contractor in the state of California for 30+ years, Mark Mullen has worked on homes ranging from a few hundreds of thousands of dollars to tens of millions.

Nick Martin Landscape Architect

Nick Martin Landscape Architect

An award-winning outdoor living specialist in custom residential Garden & Landscape design, Nick Martin can turn an ordinary landscape into something truly wonderful.

Paradise Pools

John Sweeney Paradise Pools

With the eye of an artist, and the creative mind of a designer, John Sweeney has been working since 1978 to master the art of outdoor environmental design. And the crown jewel of every one of his masterpieces has been breathtaking waterworks.