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Getting Cozy
Create an inviting and cozy sanctuary with the help of POUCH, a reimagined take on the traditional hammock.

POUCH challenges the way people traditionally think about hammocks, and aims to redefine the concept of relaxation. Enlisting a product historically associated with resort vacations, serenity, and time alone, the brand has raised the bar for indoor hammocks through expert craftsmanship, intricate weave patterns, and thoughtfully sourced materials.

"In launching POUCH, our goal was to create a new consumer experience - improving, modifying and expanding upon an old world craft that provides a daily getaway that was long overdue," said Robert Ramirez, Founder and CEO of POUCH. "The unvisited aesthetic POUCH creates, highlights a timeless hammock style I grew up with in my own home - a gift to my father when he moved from El Salvador to the United States in 1975. POUCH reintroduces a slightly modified hand-woven design, using the same traditional weave found in Central America, with a focus on creating a more comfortable and secure hammock experience that is inviting, lush and warm."

Unique to the interiors market in its design aesthetic, process, color, and architecture, each POUCH hammock and hanging chair body is woven by hand in El Salvador. Selected for its softness, durability, and versatility, cotton is spun and woven in San Salvador in a traditional native-style weave using homemade, old-fashioned devices. The body is then sent to POUCH's Brooklyn studio where the custom woodworking, natural dying, custom curtain work are completed. The rods and frames are crafted from wood native to the East Coast and the natural dying process of the cotton utilizes ingredients from local New York restaurants and farms to create a grounded color palette. Leveraging the natural pigments from avocado pits, iron, madder root, fustic, and osage orange, the five beautifully muted hues bring comforting, grounding vibes to any space.

All hammocks are handwoven in double-ply cotton with an interlocking net stitch, accented by hand crocheted detailing. Each style is available in five naturally dyed hues — Rose, Sage, Creme, Slate, and Gold — as well as six types of wooden rods — Ash, Ash with Brass Dashes, Ash with Walnut Inlay, Walnut, Walnut with Brass Hole Inlay, and Round Ash with Brass Cuffs.

Eyecatching Innovation
LG’s new “Matte Black Stainless Steel” finish combines the timeless sophistication of stainless steel with a luxe, low-gloss finish that complements any kitchen decor.

LG Electronics USA launched an exclusive line of premium kitchen appliances featuring LG's new "Matte Black Stainless Steel" finish, combining the timeless sophistication of stainless steel with a luxe, low-gloss finish that complements any kitchen decor. Bringing understated elegance to traditional, modern and country kitchens alike, the new low-gloss finish blends beautifully with other matte finishes and provides a dramatic contrast to gloss surfaces in the kitchen.

"When it comes to the kitchen, it's all in the finish, and LG again is pushing the boundaries of innovation in design and technology with our new Matte Black kitchen appliances," said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA. "Not only will this finish turn heads, but LG's new line also comes packed with advanced features and smart functionality – not to mention the reliability that American consumers expect from LG – to make consumers quite literally the masters of their own kitchen."

Looks Smart and Acts It, Too. The LG Matte Black Stainless series offers cutting-edge design that also delivers advanced functionality with features like LG PrintProof™ – a fingerprint- and smudge-resistant finish that easily wipes clean with a soft, dry cloth without the need for special cleaners or constant attention.

The series is the newest addition to the company's industry-leading offering of nearly 100 smart appliances featuring LG SmartThinQ™ technology. Through the touch a button on the LG SmartThinQ app for Android and iOS devices or via simple voice commands using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, consumers can enjoy the benefits of smart controls – whether it's preheating the oven while stuck in traffic to get dinner ready on time, or asking the refrigerator to make more ice before a dinner party.

TLC Tips For Your Home
If your favorite room is outdated, small changes one room at a time may be all you need to fall in love with your home all over again.

It's the heart of the home, and it's where many homeowners sink big money to make upgrades. Kitchen renovations don't have to require a second mortgage though. Re-facing rather than replacing cabinetry can bring about a whole new look for a whole lot less money. This is a good option when the existing cabinets are still in good working condition and you're just looking for an aesthetic change. Other small-scale options include swapping out the countertop and sink, changing the lighting fixtures and updating tired floors with contemporary wood or tile.

When plumbing is involved, project costs can skyrocket, but there are some relatively simple ways you can give your bathroom a facelift on a modest budget. For starters, swap out all the fixtures from lighting to faucets. A new vanity is another instant upgrade, whether you opt for an updated version of the original or select a whole new style for a completely fresh look.

Also consider upgrades that can increase natural light and fresh air without compromising privacy, such as the addition of skylights to your ceiling, or "fifth wall," which can completely change the lighting dynamic of the room. In addition to balanced, natural light, skylights like those from Velux can open to help refresh your space and keep it odor- and moisture-free.

For extra style and light control, consider complementing the room's decor with skylights featuring colored blinds, which are available in more than 100 colors and styles, and also offer remote control operation for convenience in raising and lowering the blinds and opening skylights to let in fresh air. Learn more about making the fifth wall part of your renovation plan at

Living Room
A common space where the family gathers is likely to sustain the greatest wear and tear, and because you spend so much time there, it's also a room where you're likely to find a list of things that irk you. Creating a new color scheme is a simple fix that transforms the space, but changing the palette of the walls is just the beginning. Also consider taking your redesign to the ceiling with vibrant colors, creative wallpapers or even exposed beams. Round out the room by swapping out lamp shades, adding vibrant throw pillows, replacing old curtains or blinds, or tying the color scheme together with a new area rug.

In your private sanctuary, all the typical options for updates apply for sure. However, this is a space where the furnishings can be an especially impactful way to influence the ambiance, especially if a construction project in the room where you sleep is impractical. Changing out the style of the bed frame and complementary pieces creates a whole new vibe for the room. Then bring in a new collection of textiles for the bedding and drapery to help round out the pseudo-renovation.

Laundry Room
If you're looking for modest ways to update your home, be sure to consider spaces like the laundry room. Although you likely use this space less frequently than common spaces like the living room or kitchen, plenty of essential activity happens in the laundry area. Practical features like added storage space, cheerful color on the walls and easy-to-clean flooring can all make this room's tedious tasks more enjoyable.

Cool New Innovation
Napoleon's new Luxuria Linear Series features industry-unique technology eliminates the need for a fireplace safety screen.

"We know homeowners associate positive emotions with fireplaces, and that they want them in a variety of rooms," said Stephen Schroeter, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Napoleon. "This is what makes the new linear series so exciting; its benefits expand how, when and where fireplaces can be appreciated."

The Dynamic Heat Control and Glass Guard Systems come standard on every Luxuria Linear Series fireplace, and offer the following benefits:

Heat can be redirected from the fireplace opening eliminating the need for a safety screen.

With the ability to redirect heat from the fireplace to other areas of the home, or even outside, homeowners can enjoy the ambiance of the fireplace year-round while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Without a safety screen the beauty of the fireplace can be appreciated from clear glass that remains safe to touch.

Envy Of All
This lustrous full-view, glass frameless garage door boasts a sleek frameless exterior for an ultra-modern look.

"Envy is a stylish option for restaurants, bars, car dealerships and urban offices seeking to add a contemporary design element to their spaces. Likewise, homeowners will enjoy the ultra-modern boost to their curb appeal. Regardless of how you use it, Envy is certain to turn heads," said Russ Lowe, Product Manager at Overhead Door.

Envy underwent rigorous safety and reliability testing, including exposure to extreme temperatures and user testing on homes.
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