Mike Nantz Elite Concepts Inc

Michael Nantz is one of the fortunate, inspired by clients in over 70 cities, 10 states and 4 countries while spanning a 30 year tenure. That tenure was spent perfecting a design acumen in an industry that can lack in such credential. The past diverse and demanding clientele offered challenging ideas for projects and were met with Michael’s passion and delight for great design.

Considered one of the industry's most creative designers, Michael maintains a close working relationship with engineers, architects, and other top industry professionals to bring savvy and know how to work in the most difficult of environments, from volatile soil conditions to hillsides to high water tables to roof top construction. Diversity of site location, type and client desires are a welcome treat.

Elite's pools are in receipt of multiple design awards and have been featured in many trade publications, Luxury Pools and several popular home magazines.

Elite Concepts Inc.


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  • Pool & Water Feature Design
  • Outdoor Living Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Construction Services
  • Renovations

Construction and renovation services are available on a cost plus basis.

Consultation services available worldwide.